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Matt Damon say I need glasses.

I wish it would rain here.  Apparently, some parts of my horrible,  hot, smelly town have gotten rain, but not us.  And that’s desert for you.   Someday,  I will live in a wonderful, wet, cold place where my knitting can be worn through out the year.  That’s a dream for me.  Just a little something for you guys to learn about me.

I’m watching The Adjustment Bureau, and I love it.  The way in which to make the world the way you want it is to be willful and improvise.  Also, wear a hat and punch guys.  That’s awesome.  If it included knitting and geeking out, I’d be golden for all of time.  Also, Matt Damon looks good with a hat.  I’d like to think I look good in a hat, but I usually have to have some glasses on to even out the look.  Which, considering that I need glasses, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.   Moral of the story?  Matt Damon has justified me needing glasses.  Science!

As a reassurance, I do in fact have a free project in mind now, I will release it the same week that I release my first paid pattern.  Also, I will post it all over “teh interwebs”, as they say in “the business”, to direct people this way.  So leave awesome comments so othesr are encouraged to do so as well.  Because, obviously, it’s all the awesome comments that makes people like the blog, not the content.  Don’t be ridiculous.  Seriously, guys.  It’s all up to you.  Like vigilante justice.  And Matt Damon.

So the comment request today is:  Tell me about your favorite “weird” kind of yarn.  Thick and thin?  Latter Lace?  Variegated centered around a specific character in a specific something?  Hand painted dog fur?  Let your quirky side filter through my comments this time.  I’ll see if I can’t find some pictures or stories relating to each of the mentioned items for Monday.

We could all use some gourmet chocolate after that post,

GL Blumenshine

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