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This 40 hour a week job looks more like 8.

You may remember that I  got hired recently, and that I haven’t been treated the best.  No worries, it’s retail and it’s very in par with all my other experiences in the field.  But, all hires were told we’d be getting 40 hours a week, and we’re all at around 8.  My wife managed to pick up another shift on Saturday, which will bring her work week to a whopping 3 days.

The result of all this has been, surprisingly, that I’m less inclined to knit, and more inclined to surf the same 10 or 15 sites repeatedly.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sites and the internet as a whole, but I’ve got things to do, and this job sucking out my motivation… sucks.  And, the constant standing bruises the balls of my feet.  But, whatever, job’s a job and there’s no use hating it.  I have other pokers in the fire.

The slow, unmotivated knitting, is making this initial pattern release date very iffy.  I may end up releasing a bunch of patterns in the next few months, or one a month for a number of months.  I’d rather do the first, but the second could work as well, I would hazard.  The best way I’m keeping myself motivated is that I’m going to knit myself this (which isn’t really shown to it’s full effect on the first page…) I’m looking forward to that, and to the next design.  And the one after that, etc.

Strugglingly motivated,

GL Blumenshine

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