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I’ll move your TV for a burger.

True story.  Just got back from doing that.  Helped my uncle move his big screen.  But, the burger had to be Carl’s Jr., or no deal.  That burger was the highlight of my day.  I didn’t do much else, so that’s not AS sad.  Anyway, down to blogness.

Last night, I had to restart a project I’m making a pattern for again.  It’s the second time it’s turned into a mobius strip, and, understandably, I got a little pissed.  So, I knit a whole scarf in anger.   That’s just how I roll, guys.  I knit so I don’t kill people.  I create to prevent my destruction.  Because, man, I’d destroy whole cities.  The only thing holding me back is YARN.  Think about it.

So, my appreciate your friends on FB campaign is going great.  I’m actually wording some not so awesome things to appreciate someone into words a little less hurtful.  Which isn’t what I intended with this, but is a nice by product.   Now, somewhat in the same vein, how do I choose which friends that I knit which prototype for?  I don’t need all of them (unless I move somewhere not horrible.)   Suggestions?

Did you guys know that a copyright only costs 35 bucks in the US?  SO, when my patterns come out, they’ll always be copyrighted.  Oh!  In regards to that video I tweeted about earlier, it will be a surprise… After I get, you know, a video camera and some editing software for a single web video that has nothing to do with my brand.  So, kind of soon.  Look forward to it!

To infinity and, like, 3 blocks further and the first house on the left,

GL Blumenshine

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