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I’m Going To Do Lots More Pictures… After Today.

Today, the family and I went to a baby shower for my soon-to-be-breathing-by-herself-niece, and then we went to Rawhide.  It’s been a long time, and I will be going back in October, both for DoomTown and for the rattlesnake, which was out tonight.  Apparently, there’s a drought and Arizona rattlesnakes are protected.   I hate rattlesnakes. I feel towards them the same as a mongoose does.

The trip was really fun, and I’ll be throwing some pictures up in a few days.  Because, apparently, pictures make my blog popular… more so than normal.  Anyway, Case had a grand old time, and got a free cowboy hat and handkerchief.  With a sheriff badge.  Sheriff Case Viva, he was, bringing law to a one street old west town, in the rain, with a snake as whip instead of a six shooter.  I got my mother a present, and myself one that I need to keep a secret for a bit.  I’m excited though.

At the baby shower, I discovered my favorite of my wife’s aunts.   The only person to go out of her way and talk to me, and she cared about what I had to say.  Feels good.  I burned a lot of bridges early on, and I’m an outlying statistic person as it is, so I wouldn’t of had anyone to talk to if I hadn’t also brought my surrogate sister, I would have spoken to all of one person.   Which would have been fine, because I would have left early.  But I didn’t, so I got to show my sister-in-law and her mancandy the sweater I’m making and to mention that I’m going to be in stores.  Vindication, and I’ll tell you guys why later.  I’m tiring with a migraine.  I need to address that.

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