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This giant ball of upcycled yarn…

There’s two of them actually.  Just sitting there, judging me as I re-knit my fourth bag and beg my wife to help me with my fifth.  The fourth was done, but I had to use a completely different yarn because it was too heavy, too wide, and not tall enough.  So, I guess, technically, the one I’m working on is the fifth, but the other one is only half way done.  And it won’t be finished until after I finish this one.  Which reveals that I count my projects in the order in which I cast them on.

I’ve been thinking more and more about adding pictures to my posts, but that’s going to require me to take more pictures and upload them to my computer, which is currently a semi-wonky laptop.  And I have an aversion to pictures.  Probably stems from me not liking people taking pictures of me.  I’ll suck it up for you guys.  Because all (averaged views) six of you are so beholden on my every word it’s super important.

So here’s a photo of a scarf I just finished after a year and  half of mostly avoiding it.

I feel like it's TOO dark, you know?This is the first thing I really went about designing for myself, except I used someone else Green Lantern pattern and modified a Celtic knot from a widely sold book.  However, it’s hard enough that I made a mistake in each knot repeat.  It’s super short, because I decided that the best way to wear it would be with a manly “shawl pin” that was actually a cool looking stick.  I lost the stick, so I’m using a big safety pin that’s a shawl pin.

Oh hey!

He's a sheriff, but Daddy has to do all the talking.There’s my son being an awesome cowboy.  I had to pull that wagon and deal with him wanting to be carried while throwing kicks are my fragile bits.  And trick or treating for him.  So, that part of the haul is mine.  Now that he understands that, he’ll behave better next year.  Although, as this was clearly the morning of Halloween, and we went again that night.  i may not have taught him very much by taking less than half his candy…


GL Blumenshine

So About Those Stitches In My Leg…

Jack Burton gave them to me.  Seriously.  I’ll explain more later.

So, my yarn is in Colorado and New Jersey.  That yarn would be the yarn I need to make my first batch of bags.  The market testing batch.  Hopefully, they’ll be snatched up  in a week and we can charge a bit more for them.  Because I’d be successful and awesome.  Instead of just awesome, like I am now.   They yarn is wondrous looking, really.  I have a theme for one of the bags already.  Deer in the forest.  Which, in a round about way, reminds me once again that I need to order business cards.  So, I’ll be doing that soon.  I do have a background now.  It’s part of the pattern of the “Beat Beanie.”  Should be pretty cool looking.

Beyond that, Tonight I’ll throw a couple pictures up here for you guys.  Also, the aforementioned stitches keep opening, I think.

Here’s those pictures…

Sheriff Case Viva Hanging Out In The Hoosegow.

This was taken when we were out at Rawhide last Saturday.  It was pretty funny just to see him chilling out in the jail cell without a single care in the world.  The characters kept trying to impress upon him the seriousness of the situation, but he just kept repeating what they said to me.  Loved it.

This is step one of fixing a chair.

This is a chair Case broke.  So I took the seat part and connected it to a crate, which makes a nice little gaming seat.  That left me with this  whole rest of the chair, so naturally, I broke out the duct tape.  I’ll do another couple levels of tape, then make a cool knitted cover.  I already have a scarf that I decided not to give as a gift, because it didn’t really work with the person it was for.  I think it’ll work out pretty nicely.  And the stitch pattern is pretty cool.

Have a good rest of the days until Saturday!


GL Blumenshine

I’m Going To Do Lots More Pictures… After Today.

Today, the family and I went to a baby shower for my soon-to-be-breathing-by-herself-niece, and then we went to Rawhide.  It’s been a long time, and I will be going back in October, both for DoomTown and for the rattlesnake, which was out tonight.  Apparently, there’s a drought and Arizona rattlesnakes are protected.   I hate rattlesnakes. I feel towards them the same as a mongoose does.

The trip was really fun, and I’ll be throwing some pictures up in a few days.  Because, apparently, pictures make my blog popular… more so than normal.  Anyway, Case had a grand old time, and got a free cowboy hat and handkerchief.  With a sheriff badge.  Sheriff Case Viva, he was, bringing law to a one street old west town, in the rain, with a snake as whip instead of a six shooter.  I got my mother a present, and myself one that I need to keep a secret for a bit.  I’m excited though.

At the baby shower, I discovered my favorite of my wife’s aunts.   The only person to go out of her way and talk to me, and she cared about what I had to say.  Feels good.  I burned a lot of bridges early on, and I’m an outlying statistic person as it is, so I wouldn’t of had anyone to talk to if I hadn’t also brought my surrogate sister, I would have spoken to all of one person.   Which would have been fine, because I would have left early.  But I didn’t, so I got to show my sister-in-law and her mancandy the sweater I’m making and to mention that I’m going to be in stores.  Vindication, and I’ll tell you guys why later.  I’m tiring with a migraine.  I need to address that.

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